BDS History

The BDS was first founded at Shawky Makarem’s house in Walton-On–Thames, England on the 3rd of August 1983 during the terrible Lebanese civil war which lasted over 15 years. The founding members were Noura Alameddine Abi- chahine , Dr Shibli Abi-chahine, Eyad Abu-Chakra, Sleiman Bu Hamzi, Nadim Al Halabi, Ghassan Arbid, Muhammad Sultan and Shawky Anis Makarem.

The first ever donation made to the BDS was by the two daughters of one of the founders Shawky Makarem and they were Shereen and Lamene Mkarem who donated their pocket money savings.

The charities that the BDS has contributed to in the past are:

Our first members

Founders of BDS

Recurso 2
Mouhamad Al Sultan
Held the first position as Chairman
Recurso 2
Eyad abou shakra
Hold the position of the General Secretary of the BDS between 1993-1996
Recurso 2
Dr Shibleh Abou Shahin
One of the BDS founders in the early 1980s
Recurso 2
Slayman Abou Hamzeh
BDS Member
Recurso 2
Ghassan Arbid
Recurso 2
Shawki Makarem
Relief Officer
Recurso 2
Nadim Al Halabi
Recurso 2
Noura Alam Al Din
Information Officer